Rides For Sale

Wittingslow Amusements has a long and colourful past spanning over three generations in the outdoor entertainment business. From having the first amusement rides at the Melbourne Show to the thrill rides at Moomba, the business has steadily grown, incorporating major events, festivals and shopping centres.

Consequently Wittingslow Amusements has a diverse stable of rides, park models and portables, some of which are being offered for sale.

Mushroom Bugs

Built 1994 by Camac Melbourne

Portable with trailer
Seats 24
Diameter 8m
240v/10amp single phase

Price: $25,000 AUD

Space Ride

Built in 1974 by SDC Italy, imported into Australia by R Burns.

Park model – portable 40’ container
Diameter 10m
Seats 34 – 40

Price: $30,000 AUD


Vintage Jumping Carousel

Built around 1945 in Australia for Tom Wittingslow’s Carnival; recently restored for the film Charlotte's Web.

Centre drive on gun carriage second world war
Diameter 55’
36 horses (3 abreast) or 24 horses and two carriages
3 phase/15 amp

Price: $POA

Petz 1886 Miniature Steam Carousel

As seen in the 2005 movie Charlotte's Web. Awarded with the Ben Schiff Award USA 1987 by the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions.

Trailer mounted
Diameter 4m
19 seating places
240v/15 amp single phase

Price: $65,000 AUD


Petz 1886 Balloon Steam Carousel

Located in Chadstone Shopping Centre, Melbourne since 2001.

Park model
Diameter 6m
36 seating places
240v/15 amp single phase

Price: $85,000 AUD


Petz Ticket Box

Price: $POA



Cup & Saucer

Park model
6 years old (in shopping centre)
Four cups seat up to 4 children per cup
240v/15 amp single phase

Price: $45,000 AUD


Venture River (Canoe Ride)

Portable model with trailer
Eight canoes; 2–4 per canoe
240v/15 amp single phase

Price: $24,000 AUD


Umbrella Ride

Portable mounted on trailer
6 cars; two per car
240v/15 amp single phase

Price: $18,000 AUD


Ferrari Go Carts

Need to replace a few boards on track.

8 cars
60’ x 45’ track
Transport (bogie axle drop deck trailer)

Price: $45,000 AUD


Further Information

Please feel free to contact us on 03 5986 6688 should you have any questions about the available rides or would like to organise purchase of the rides.