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Helping you with your event

Wittingslow Amusements have been providing the outdoor entertainment and amusement industry with quality carnival and amusements rides for over 80 years. Whether you are organising a school fete, a community fundraiser, or managing a corporate event or festival, we can help.


Working with event managers and organisers

We are committed to partnering and producing high quality events across Australia. At Wittinglows we know how to put the joy in your event. Find out more about us!

Versatile selection of rides

We invest in your festival and fete success by providing the most versatile selection of carnival rides and sideshow services that only Wittingslow Amusements can deliver. Generations of families have photo albums featuring carnival and school fete highlights and good times. Chances are they are probably smiling from a Wittingslow Amusements ride. Check out our rides!

Stress-free and profitable festivals and fetes

Wittingslow Amusements offer a completely self-contained travelling carnival service. Our years of experience have taught us we have the best resources to help you achieve the best event.

We oversee your festival and school fete planning:

  • We bring your carnival equipment to you
  • We manage your site
  • We can supply our own power
  • We oversee the safety of all our rides
  • We offer competitive prices
  • We offer a profit share scheme for school fetes
  • We employ a team of safety conscious and fun-loving folk
  • We provide extra special carnival touches to make your fete a success
  • We offer a versatile, well-cared for and thrilling selection of rides
  • We can dress your event with the perfect vintage carnival decorations

We help you plan for a successful festival and fete:

  • A one-stop shop to source all your fete equipment
  • Helping you select rides to match all age groups at your event
  • Unlimited-ride wristband tickets for you to pre-sell
  • Overnight hire options
  • Ride delivery, set-up and pick-up with professional staff
  • One off cost invoicing or percentage of sales split agreement
  • Advance bookings recommended to avoid disappointment
  • Australia’s best selection of rides

Planning a vintage carnival theme?

We own one of Australia’s oldest vintage carousels.

We’ve produced the country fair scene for Charlotte’s web movie.

We know what you need. We dress your event with historic posters, vintage outfits, side show attractions and all the vibe of a vintage carousel.

Or you can hire individual rides to best suit your event space. Speak with us about how we can help today.

Whichever option you choose, we can work with you to make your event planning a dream.

Need infrastructure and equipment?

We can take the stress out of fete planning with our one-stop shop services for all of your festival and event equipment needs. Wittingslow Amusements can supply all your equipment needs with well-cared, essential extras to enhance your school fete and corporate event. Save time and money, and deliver a successful event. See our rides.


Interactive Fundraising Features

An interactive stall for children can enhance your special event. Activity guidelines and all equipment for up to XX children for all features are provided. Staff can also be provided at an additional fee.

School Event Games

Wittingslow Amusements can supply just the carnival games, or both games and prizes. We offer schools and fete coordinators the opportunity to purchase all prizes on a sale and return basis.

Sand Art

Kids create artworks with coloured sands.

Sand Bottles

Kids create sand bottles with coloured sands in small bottles.

Fairy Floss and Popcorn

Hire our equipment and make your own.

Or book our catering team, food supplies and equipment to do it for you.


Balloons are attached to a board with a number behind each balloon. Players burst balloons by throwing darts, and they could win a prize corresponding to the number behind.

Milk Cans

A game of skill where each player receives three baseballs to throw into the top of a milk can. A player must get three balls in to win a prize.

Tick Tack Toe

Based on Noughts and Crosses, the large board features nine holes. Players throw balls into the holes and if they achieve 1 row, they win a prize.


Each player is given three rings to throw over a block. Getting one ring over achieves a win of a small prize, and they can work up from there.

Laughing Clowns

A traditional carnival favourite. Players place 6 ping-pong balls into the clown's mouth and add up the score. Prizes relate to each score.

Lucky Numbers

Buy a ticket, and your number on the ticket corresponds to a prize. These prizes could be all made from donations from your school families and wider community. Numbers are put in envelopes or drawn from a barrel.

Speak with us for a price sheet.

Wittingslows light up your school fete with a little extra zing.

We offer a Fete Decoration and carnival ambience package featuring bunting, brightly coloured flags and signage. Stage Hire is also available.

Order your Fete Decoration package here today


Cost-efficient profit share.

We know you are working to a budget. The initial cost of hiring rides for your event is an expense you need to manage carefully. Wittingslow Amusements offers a cost-efficient ride hire scheme, otherwise known as profit share.

Like many others schools or community events, you can opt for hiring rides on a profit share rather than paying the overall hire fee. We share the profit of your ride sales with you by offering 50% of the total takings after expense to the school.

Pre-selling unlimited ride wristbands prior to your event at a slightly discount price encourages your patrons to buy tickets ahead of time. As the event organiser that also give you peace of mind that your event will be well attended.

Advantages of profit share for school fetes

We work through the Profit share ride hire scheme with you and offer

  • 50% takings based on sales of all pre-sold unlimited ride wristbands and tickets sold on the day after the sales target figure is reached.
  • If your sales target doesn’t reach the value of your package, there’s no cost to you. Your percentage will be reduced marginally according to the difference between the package cost and total sales.
  • We work with you before your event to set realistic guidelines and make appropriate ride selection for the number of enrolments.

To help you with your planning, here’s some simple profit share ride hire scheme formulas and features.
Download Profit Sharing Example

Let us add joy to your school fete and festival today. We also provide personalised packages to cater to specific event themes

“School fetes – I love them, the clowns were always fun, my kids like fishing for a plastic duck and winning a prize. I always used to get a kewpie doll on a stick. Good times” – Susan

“The giant slide! Home made toffee! Playing with school friends, safe and familiar territory in school grounds, relaxed parents, family-friendly – it’s all about the community.” – Lauren

“We have used Wittinglows Amusement every year for our school fete. They have always worked closely with us to ensure we have the best rides to suit our school space, and on fete day their team have moved in swiftly and safely to set up for our big event. They’ve even helped us out when bad weather prematurely closed our fete. The following week they and returned to our school with a Giant Jumping Castle for the kids to enjoy at lunch time.” - Rob Nigro, Boneo PS School Council President

We are happy to speak with you on how our rides can help you.